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My yoga classes focus on building perspective, informing daily movement, and making peace with the body. 

I believe that movement serves all bodies and I firmly stand for accessibility in fitness spaces. I work to consider body politics, trauma-informed care, health at every size, and the decolonization of fitness with every practice. 

My group classes are "All Level" because I believe in the power of accessible group practice. I aim to challenge how we think about "Yoga Bodies," which have been coded as thin, young, and female-identifying. I believe that we are better when we practice with people who are different from us. People with different bodies, different strengths, different stories. Exclusivity in yoga spaces threatens our practice and keeps us from reaching our full potential. 

Some classes I've taught  in the past include: 

yoga for performers

one-on-one yoga session for performers of all sorts. 

breathwork for performers

Guided breathwork for performers of all sorts.

creative core



Yoga-inspired, core-focused mobility training for all levels.

yoga for mobility


Focused on creating space and building strength around the joints. 

Yin Yoga

A stillness practice in which poses are held for 3 to 10 minutes.

Vin - Yin


Light movement followed by a stillness practice.

Chair Yoga



Yoga using the chair as a prop!

Kid's Yoga

Yoga for groups of elementary-age kids involving music, games, and asana.

I'm currently teaching in person at Headwaters Hot Yoga and VRTX Fitness in Missoula, Montana.

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