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sample letter to help you AFWYW

To the decision makers at insert organization name here:

Thank you so much for product/service. Tell them what you love about them, their branding, and their mission.

Like many consumers around the world, I am growing increasingly aware of the impact I have on the environment. I believe that every purchase I make empowers me to influence the world we live in. I want to use my voice as a consumer to create a more ethical, more sustainable economy.

I know that customer feedback can be valuable. I understand that a number of business limitations may keep you from implementing sustainable changes, but to help you better understand the issues important to your clientele, I want to ask the following questions:

  • What is organization doing to minimize waste and excess packaging? How are you reducing your energy footprint?

  • What measures does organization take to implement ethical production and service?

  • In what ways does organization give back?

  • In what ways does organization ensure that their branding and marketing efforts are respectful to women and people of color? How does you make women and people of color feel included and dignified in your brand?

  • How does organization minimize packaging? Are there biodegradable packaging options for the product you offer?

  • How does organization create their products through ethical and sustainable means?

  • What steps is organization taking to improve their positive impact on the world?

Thank you so much for taking the time to review this email. We really love your product/service, and look forward to watching organization grow with us towards a smarter, stronger future.


Randi Nelson

NOTE: You might choose two or three of the above questions to ask, rather than bombarding. Which ones strike you as significant? Feel free to add your own thoughts and reflections. Every feedback session will be slightly different. Always come from a place of peace and progress rather than a place of attack. Good luck!

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