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Love letter to Velvet

Hey sexy,

Listen, Velvet. You may not know it, but you saved me. You smacked the jaded tomboy right out of me and released my inner diva. Now, you're my entire wardrobe.

I grew up in a world that hated you for your for your divine nature, a decade where texture and asymmetry were frowned upon. We called you stiff, awkward, old fashioned. We said that you didn't age gracefully. We thought you were tacky and dry.

But you just sat up there on your throne and laughed, because you knew that in time we'd all come crawling back to you.

Even though we hated to admit it, we were all desperate for some texture. After an entire childhood of trying to be perfectly smooth, perfectly effortless, perfectly fluid, it was such a relief to run my hands up and down your fuzz and bristles.

I'm pretty sure the Divine Feminine is draped in yards and yards of your satiny goods.

No, I love YOU more,


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