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Love letter to the Upside Down Smiley Face Emoji

Dearest Upside Down Smiley Face Emoji:

I'm very impressed, UDSFE. You're useful. You're mysterious. You're a little bit sexy. Despite the fact that nobody is exactly sure what your use indicates, You've managed to become so perfectly relevant in so many situations.

Seriously, I don't know how I'd communicate without you. Tagging you on the end of a well-crafted, chic text is a surefire way to add some flavor. You're the definition of subtext, but small and cute and able to transport through cyberspace. And this is exciting because language is useful, but subtext is important. Subtext is half the story.

You are sarcasm. You are distress. You are annoyance. You're a little bit flirtatious. You are multidimensional, but when you're on the field, There's no confusing your intent. Nobody knows what you mean. Everybody knows what you mean.

You cryptic, mischievous Goddess, you.

Hopelessly in love,


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