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Actress & Musician


Randi is an actress and singer from Billings, Montana. She began her classical vocal training at age ten and has studied several styles since, including jazz, musical theatre, choral, and contemporary. She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting from the University of Montana, where she practiced several types of performance, including Shakespeare, opera theatre, jazz vocals, and clowning.


These days, she enjoys making and performing popular and contemporary music, nerding out about practice and performance theory, and teaching piano to kids.  

She has a clinical Masters in Social Work from Walla Walla University, where her research interest focuses on creative practice and quality of life. She hopes to spend the next ten years teaching music, performing and directing Shakespeare, facilitating group therapy, and building a career in artistic leadership. ​When she’s not in the practice room, she might be guzzling down white tea while listening to a blue note album, exploring Missoula in search of the perfect breakfast burrito, or watching The Sound of Music for the billionth time. 

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